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Public and International Affairs Resources

It isn't possible to include every possible online resource related to public affairs and international affairs on a single web page, but these links should provide a useful starting point for additional research in these areas.

Resources at FSU

Academic Departments

The College of Social Sciences (COSS) is the FSU unit responsible for the Social Science & Public Affairs Living-Learning Community. The College contains six departments that are likely to be of interest to students in this community, listed here along with their faculty lists (which might give you some ideas about each department's research and teaching strengths) and their undergraduate student resource pages:

Other COSS and FSU Resources

From the College of Social Sciences:

From other FSU units:

News Sources

State and Local Government Resources

Local Government: Tallahassee and Leon County

Tallahassee is located in Leon County, Florida. Because Tallahassee is the county seat, we have both the city and county governments here in town.

State Government: Florida

Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida, so we have unique opportunities to observe and experience state government in action.

Federal Government and Politics

The Federal Government

American Politics

International Affairs Resources


International affairs involves a large number of actors. While most people think of nation-states (more commonly known as "states" or "countries") as the most important actors, there are many other important actors that are either larger than states (like the UN) or smaller than states. Here are a few major lists of states and state-like actors:

Major International Organizations

The following are a few of the thousands of intergovernmental organizations that are active in world politics today:

Information about Political Actors and International Affairs

The U.S. government provides many useful international affairs resources:

There are also numerous other useful international affairs resources on the Web:

  • Atlases and maps are available online from a variety of sources, including MapQuest and the Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas
  • NationsWorld (links to a variety of official web sites related to each country in the world)
  • Rulers.org (world leaders; available since around 1700 for most countries, territories, and major international organizations)
  • World Statesmen.org (everything from lists of each country or other actor's leaders since independence to a list of major events in the country's history and -- for many countries -- links to maps, national anthems, constitutions, and basic political, demographic, and economic information)
  • Dr. Hensel's web site offers access to many more resources in international affairs.

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